Hyacinth’s menu is based on ingredients from small, thoughtful producers. We believe in building relationships with these producers to source the best ingredients possible. Our menu changes frequently as ingredients come in and out of season; expect some variation.


ROASTED GREEN CERIGNOLA OLIVES orange-chili oil, fennel pollen…8
SALUMI prosciutto di parma, spicy coppa, soppressata…16
ARANCINI saffron, mozzarella, grana padano…12
SPINACH CROSTINI breakfast radishes, whipped butter, bottarga di muggine…12
CHICKEN LIVER CROSTINI fried spring onions, pickled cucumbers, mustard seeds, dill…12
BOK CHOY SALAD lemon & spring onion dressing, boiled egg, breadcrumbs, anchovy…14
FRIED ASPARAGUS preserved pepper, spring herb salsa…14
CRESCENZA FARINATA fava leaves, basil, roasted garlic…14


BUCATINI cacio e pepe…16 / 24
MEZZE MANICHE alla Gricia, guanciale, green garlic, pecorino romano…16 / 24
FUSILLI asparagus, ramps, spring herbs, pecorino Romano…16 / 24
BUCATINI mussels, chili, saffron, wild fennel…16 / 24
TAGLIATELLE morel mushrooms, parmesan reggiano…16 / 24


RISOTTO AL SALTO roasted cauliflower, hazelnuts, parmesan reggiano…22
BRICK CHICKEN frisbee & sourdough salad, hakurei turnips, anchovy dressing…28
LAMB SAUSAGE VERDE braised spring onions, spring green salsa, panel…28
SPICE ROASTED STEELHEAD TROUT fava leaves, carrots, sesame seeds…28


FARINATA rosemary, roasted garlic…6
FRISEE SALAD tarragon vinegar, smoked pancetta, pecorino toscano…12
SOFT POLENTA parmesan reggiano…6
FRIED POTATOES tarragon & chive mayonnaise…6


MILK CHOCOLATE SEMIFREDDO hazelnuts, toasted meringue, sea salt…8
VANILLA PANNA COTTA poached rhubarb…8
SIRINGATE cinnamon & sugar, dulce de leche…8

Wine + Beer

Our small, curated wine list celebrates the diversity of wine from Italy with a few gems from other parts of the Mediterranean. The majority of our wines come from small, family-owned vineyards with a focus on sustainability and organic practices.
All of our wines are available by the half glass, full glass, and bottle.


Our cocktail menu celebrates craft spirit producers from all over the world. Our selection rotates seasonally as new fresh ingredients become available locally. We can accommodate some off-menu requests, but we encourage you to try something new from us.

- Our menu pricing includes service -
(we do not accept credit card tips; cash tips are welcome, but not necessary)